By partnering with institutions, I’ve been able to create work which raises awareness about social issues, human rights, and environmental destruction.

Some of my institutional partners give me up-front funding to create work. Other partnerships focus on getting the work to the public through exhibitions, books, and educational outreach.

A prime example is my partnership with the Pulitzer Center. They funded my travels along the D.M.Z. between North and South Korea. From the field, I posted blog dispatches to the Pulitzer Center website. Once my coverage was complete, an exhibition and public lectures were organized in Washington D.C. Accompanied by the Pulitzer Center’s education staff, I also travelled to sixteen schools along the East Coast to share my photos and experiences with students.

Pulitzer Center exhibition
Book partnership with IRC
International Crisis Group annual report


Leica Akademie Workshop in Milan, Unlocking Inspiration

  Leica Akademie Workshop –  Unlocking Inspiration Jan. 31 to Feb. 1, 2015 Tuition: 290 Euros Maximum enrollment: 10 I’m teaming up with Leica Akademie Italy to teach a workshop on how to reach your full potential by unlocking inspiration. The two-day session in Milan is limited to 10 people, and each participant will be given the opportunity to work…  read more.

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Aaron Siskind Fellowship and Pulitzer Center Grant for Blue Sky Days drone project

My Blue Sky Days drone project was awarded a fellowship grant from the Aaron Siskind Foundation. Determined by a panel of distinguished guest judges, recipients are chosen on the basis of artistic excellence, accomplishment to date, and the promise of future achievement in the medium in its widest sense. In 2014, five photographers were awarded the grant out of 1,187 applicants. The other…  read more.

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Blue Sky Days in the fall 2014 Moving Walls exhibition in New York

I’m pleased to announce that my Blue Sky Days drone project will be part of the Open Society Foundation’s next Moving Walls exhibition in fall 2014. The show is called “Watching You, Watching Me,” and it will feature nine visual artists engaged with the theme of surveillance. The exhibition will be free and open to the public. November 4, 2014 to May…  read more.

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100 Photos For Press Freedom by VII Photographers

  The latest volume of Reporters Without Borders’ 100 Photos for Press Freedom features my photos along with all my colleagues from the VII Photo agency. The collection, which will be published May 7, 2014, takes readers around the world through photos, from North Korea to Afghanistan to Cuba. It also features previously unpublished pieces by legendary US investigative reporter…  read more.

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Oslo Talk: Behind Communism’s Curtains

I had the opportunity to deliver a presentation about the subject of my book, “Behind the Curtains of 21st Century Communism” at the 2012 Oslo Freedom Forum. The forum brings together an exceptional group of human rights icons, high-level dissidents, artists, journalists and activists (such as modern slavery abolitionists) for several days of talks and meetings. Below you’ll find the video of…  read more.

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What exactly is going on along the North Korean border?

Deciphering North Korea has never been an easy task, and with the recent rise of a secretive third-generation Kim family dictator, the quest seems more relevant than ever. As photographer, I’ve been fascinated with North Korea for years. I visited Pyongyang twice, but there was a limit of how much I could see or learn from the inside. Next, my…  read more.

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Discussing life under Kim Jong Il’s rule with Philip Gourevitch

Earlier this year I sat down in NYC with Philip Gourevitch, a staff writer for The New Yorker magazine, to discuss life along North Korea’s borders. In 2003, Gourevitch wrote Alone in the Dark, a fascinating article which pieces together what life was like under Kim Jong Il. You can read the transcript of our in-depth discussion, listen to an…  read more.

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