Notre-Dame After the Fire

For over eight centuries, she has drawn the gaze of Parisians and marked their hours and rites with her bells. On April 15, 2019, fire devastated the iconic Notre-Dame cathedral of Paris. After her bells…  read more.

Far West – The Hidden History

Far West – The Hidden History 2021, 55-minute documentary film Co-directed by Mathilde Damoisel and Tomas van Houtryve Based on the book Lines and Lineage by Tomas van Houtryve Synopsis: Photographer Tomas van Houtryve confronts…  read more.


Divided 2018, single-channel video installation Since Baja and Alta California were divided by the seizure of Mexican land by the United States military in 1848, a political boundary has jutted into the Pacific Ocean. Over…  read more.

Lines and Lineage

We often forget that the boundary between Mexico and the United States was not always where it is today. It used to be 1100 kilometers farther north, following what is now the state line between…  read more.

Blue Sky Days

In October 2012, a drone strike in northeast Pakistan killed a 67-year-old woman picking okra outside her house. At a briefing held in 2013 in Washington, DC, the woman’s 13-year-old grandson, Zubair Rehman, spoke to…  read more.

Traces of Exile

Traces of Exile 2016-2017, video installation Installation formats: Single-channel video or eight-channel projection mapping on monumental photographic prints. The ongoing crises in the Middle East have uprooted millions of people, yet new technology allows them…  read more.

Behind The Curtains

In several nations across the globe, the Communist Party has managed to hold on, mutate and adapt to the 21st century. Whether due to unaddressed class inequality, nostalgia or the steel fist of totalitarianism, these…  read more.

Packing Heat

The New York City Police Department’s Domain Awareness System is a vast monitoring network that links 8,300 cameras and 500 license-plate readers around the city with software that can track movement. Under a separate program,…  read more.

Borderline North Korea

With the same ruthless skill that it keeps its population in check with, North Korea also keeps outside observers in the dark. But another sketch of the country can be made from the outside, by tracing…  read more.


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