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TV coverage: Notre-Dame images on CNN

CNN featured my photographs and aerial drone video of the Notre-Dame cathedral of Paris in a segment broadcast on February 2, 2022. National Geographic journalist Robert Kunzig was interviewed during the segment. The broadcast was timed with the publication of National Georgraphic Magazine’s cover story on the rebuilding of Notre-Dame. Previous television coverage featuring my work on Notre-Dame appeared on…  read more.

Interview: National Geographic Photography Newsletter by Whitney Johnson

My work on the rebuilding of the Notre-Dame cathedral of Paris was featured in the January, 2022 National Geographic Photography newsletter, written by Whitney Johnson, Director of Visual and Immersive Experiences at NatGeo. It went out to nearly five million readers. The newsletter is copied below. . . . . .   PHOTOGRAPHING NOTRE DAME THE BIG TOPIC: THE WORK…  read more.

Interactive: Soar through the Notre Dame Cathedral by Drone Video on National Geographic

National Geographic custom-built an interactive webpage to showcase my drone videography of the Notre-Dame cathedral of Paris. The dedicated page allows viewers to navigate through five sections of the cathedral during reconstruction: the spire, the crossing, the nave, the bell towers and the side chapels. For each section, a 3D model highlights the area of the church, and multiple drone videos…  read more.

Work In Progress: Notre-Dame de Paris

I’m currently on assignment for National Geographic photographing the rebuilding of the cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris. In addition to still photography, I’ve been operating my drone inside and outside the cathedral and recording video. *Update Jan. 18, 2022: National Geographic Magazine has published a cover story on Notre-Dame. You can also follow my work in progress and behind the…  read more.