France Inter radio interview “Far West, l’histoire oubliée” film

Sonia Devilliers of France Inter radio interviewed co-directors Mathilde Damoisel and myself about our new documentary, Far West, The Hidden History.  The 20-minute interview in french was broadcast on her morning show, l’Instant M, and it can also be listened to as a podcast.

Viewers in France can see the full documentary on France 5 website until 10 March, 2022.

On France Inter, we spoke about the role that photography and cinema played in the colonisation of the American West and how the documentary confronts the myths and collective amnesia that cloud our understanding of the region’s past. The project is based on my book Lines and Lineage.

First broadcast Sunday, 9 January 2022 on France 5, titled in French as “Far West, l’histoire oubliée.”



Below is the french language trailer. The english version can be seen here.



The documentary was also featured elsewhere in the French media, including in Télérama, Le Figaro, Télé-Loisires, Le Pèlerin, La Vie, Le média plus and La lettre de l’audiovisuel. Below are some quotes:


“On suit avec bonheur le projet du photographe Tomas van Houtryve qui prend des portraits d’une remarquable beauté.”



“Elégante grâce aux photos de Van Houtryve, cette exploration du Far West joue parfaitement la carte de la démythification.”

– TéléLoisirs


“…documentaire érudit, riche et vivant qu’il signe avec Mathilde Damoisel…”

– Télérama