What’s in your bag? VII photographers show their gear


The photographers of VII recently opened up their camera bags to show what kind of gear they are currently using. For the post, I shared the vintage wet plate collodion equipment that I’m using for my Lines and Lineage project about the original Mexico-U.S. border and the missing visual history of the Far West. Below is the list of my gear. You can see the post with all the VII photographers here.

Pictured from my bag:

• 9x12cm (4×5″) wooden field camera, made in Paris circa 1870
• 110mm f4.5 Ibsor lens
• 125mm f5.6 Fujinon lens
• 135mm f3.5 Zeiss Plannar lens
• 147mm f5.6 EM Target brass lens
• 150mm f2.8 Leitz Dimaron lens from Leica Prado 66
• 180mm f4.5 Schneider-Kreuznach lens
• Wooden plate holder
• Loup
• Tape measure
• Bubble level
• Timer
• Glass plates and Print File archival sleeves
• Notebook to record exposures
• Wet plate collodion recipes and instructions
• Bostick & Sullivan wet plate chemicals
• Ilford fixer

Not pictured:

• Folding dark box and laboratory
• Ice chest
• Tripod
• Lights
• Stands
• Backdrop
• Nitrile gloves
• Safety glasses

Below is a diptych from my Lines and Lineage series taken with this gear.