Publication: Packing Heat in Le Monde

France’s Le Monde newspaper featured my Packing Heat project in an eight-page supplement titled, “La Guerre Sans Fin des Etats-Unis.” For three weeks, I traveled around the United States with Rémy Ourdan, Le Monde’s war correspondent, to see how American society had changed in the fifteen years since the 9/11 attacks. The feature is also available (in French) to subscribers as a four-part series:

• Voyage dans l’Amérique en guerre (1/4) : unis dans le patriotisme

• Voyage dans l’Amérique en guerre (2/4) : « Thank you for your service »

• Voyage dans l’Amérique en guerre (3/4) : sur le front intérieur

• Voyage dans l’Amérique en guerre (4/4) : une guerre sans limites

I used a thermal camera to take photos of everyday life and areas under high surveillance—an imaging technology increasingly used by the U.S. military and local police forces.