CNN Publication: Paris, Elsewhere


The morning after the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, I anxiously walked toward the Bataclan concert hall on boulevard Voltaire. I’d spent most of the night following the news as coordinated attacks devastated civilian targets across the French capital.

It was the most violent night in Paris since WWII. As I made my way from Saint Germain, past Bastille and toward the Bataclan in 11th arrondissement, I was surprised by how much normal activity I encountered. Cafés and businesses were open, and people were reclaiming the streets. The unexpected normalcy continued all the way to within 50 meters of the attack site. There I found dozens television crews, tightly arranged elbow-to-elbow around police cordons. There were countless tripods, lights, and makeup assistants.

I walked away, and for the next three days I crisscrossed Paris on foot with my camera. Away from the police scenes, memorials and television crews I found uncommon resilience. Despite a night of  unthinkable tragedy, Paris remained defiantly seductive.

The resulting photos are featured on CNN.