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I personally assist individual collectors and institutional art buyers who are interested in acquiring original photographic works and video installations.

Private collectors interested in my Blue Sky Days series and based in the United States are encouraged to work with my representing gallery in New York:

Anastasia Photo
143 Ludlow St.
New York, NY 10002

I select the highest quality materials and oversee the making of each limited-edition print myself. Collector gelatin-silver prints from my Blue Sky Days series are made exclusively with an analogue enlarger from large-format negatives.

Additional information on shows and collections can be found on my Artsy profile.


Collector's Items

Subway Attendant, North Korea, 2007

For a limited time, this "Subway Attendant, North Korea" print is available in three sizes as part of the VII Store's Winter 2016 Collection.

The idea that "life imitates art" takes on a whole new meaning in North Korea, where the only art on public display is government-approved propaganda. That's why I remain fascinated by the interplay between the metro attendant and the peasant farmer that she mirrors in the mosaic on the station wall. I visited North Korea twice, and both times it felt like I had landed on another planet—a place where every rule shy of the law of gravity had been remolded to the tastes of the ruling Kim dynasty.

Visit the VII Store for details and purchase.

collector's item

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