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Podcast Interview: Blue Sky Days Solo Show at Vartai Gallery in Vilnius and Thoughts on Social Media and Photography

In a 40 minute podcast interview with Berta Tilmantaitė of Nanook, I spoke about my motivation and approach for the Blue Sky Days project that is currently on exhibition at Vartai contemporary art gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania. We also discussed the place of social media and photojournalism in our shifting media landscape, and how my Traces of Exile project helps reframe…  read more.

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Review: Wall Street Journal, Traces of Exile

Richard B. Woodward, New York art critic for the Wall Street Journal, reviewed the “Perpetual Revolution” group exhibition at the International Center of Photography Museum (ICP), featuring my Traces of Exile video installation. Below is an excerpt from the review: “…The section on refugees opens with a wall of black-and-white photographs by Robert Capa and Chim ( David Seymour )…  read more.

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Publication: Traces of Exile in The New Yorker

  The New Yorker  featured Traces of Exile on Jan. 27, 2017. The publication includes six segments from my project which overlays enhanced video landscapes along the migrant trail in Europe with Instagram images that refugees posted to the same place. The text for the feature was written by Nicolas Niarchos and is copied below:   “Before the summer of 2015, the island of Lesvos was…  read more.

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Publication: Packing Heat in Le Monde

France’s Le Monde newspaper featured my Packing Heat project in an eight-page supplement titled, “La Guerre Sans Fin des Etats-Unis.” For three weeks, I traveled around the United States with Rémy Ourdan, Le Monde’s war correspondent, to see how American society had changed in the fifteen years since the 9/11 attacks. The feature is also available (in French) to subscribers as a…  read more.

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Radio interview: Blue Sky Days and Traces of Exile on WFDD NPR affiliate

  In a 40 minute interview with North Carolina NPR affiliate WFDD, I spoke about my two projects currently on show at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Arts (SECCA), Blue Sky Days and Traces of Exile.

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Publication: Leica M Magazine, Overshadowed by the Mine

Leica’s M Magazine published my Mine Eats City series in their Spring 2016 issue. The series is about a city in danger of disappearing. High in the Andes mountains, a mine that once supplied the Spanish Crown with silver is now poisoning the 70,000 inhabitants of Cerro de Pasco, eating away at the very earth beneath their feet. An interview about the story which…  read more.

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Review: Photograph Magazine, Blue Sky Days

Photograph Magazine, a bi-monthly and online publication for photo curators, collectors, dealers and critics featured the Schoolyard image from my Blue Sky Days series in their Jan/Feb 2016 issue. Below is an excerpt from the article by Jordan G. Teicher, which is titled The Shifting Borders of Photojournalism and Fine Art Photography: “Disturbed by the lack of a visual record of America’s drone…  read more.

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Publication: Mine Eats City in National Geographic

My photo story about a 400-year old Peruvian city being devoured by an open-pit mine was published on Dec. 2 by National Geographic. I spent two months in the high Andes city of Cerro de Pasco documenting the wounded land and poisoned children effected by irresponsible mining practices. The mine is run by Volcan and its local subsidiary Cerro SAC.…  read more.

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CNN Publication: Paris, Elsewhere

The morning after the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, I anxiously walked toward the Bataclan concert hall on boulevard Voltaire. I’d spent most of the night following the news as coordinated attacks devastated civilian targets across the French capital. It was the most violent night in Paris since WWII. As I made my way from Saint Germain, past Bastille…  read more.

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